We offer various enjoyable games to global game users on a variety of platforms.



Quant Mix is a global publisher where publishing various genres of games in the global PC and mobile market.
We are looking for talented people who with creative thinking, love to challenge and with open conscious.

  • Creative Thinking

    Talented people who
    desired new things with
    a positive mind and passion.

  • Never-Ending Challenge

    A person who moves forward with
    a strong will toward to goal
    with conviction and fortitude.

  • Open mind

    Talented people who
    promote coexistence between organizations
    and individuals through cooperation, communication, consider and respect for each other.

  • Happiness

    Talented people who
    always enjoy working.
    A person who knows how to give out joy to others.


  • RPG(Mobile)

    Coming Soon
  • MMORPG(PC, Mobile)

    Coming Soon


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Republic of Korea